Source code

Source code of nanomsg library is hosted on GitHub:

Source code of this website is located in the gh-pages branch:


Building this software as a developer is very similar to building it the distribution as an end-user or system administrator. The same tools will be needed, but no extra tools are required. Please see the README file for more information.

One thing that may be different is that you should obtain the latest development tree from git. You can clone it from


Auto-builds are run every time the project is updated. The results are linked from the main repository page, and include tests on Linux, MacOS X, and Windows.

Bug tracker

Use GitHub Issues to report problems with nanomsg:


To contribute to nanomsg project send your patch to the mailing list or, alternatively, send a GitHub pull request. In either case you have to state that your patch is submitted under MIT/X11 license, so that we can incorporate it into the mainline codebase.

If you make a substantial contribution to a file, add your copyright to the file header. You should also add your name to the AUTHORS file, to indicate you own copyright to a part of the codebase.

Please, make yourself familiar with nanomsg coding style before contributing.

Language bindings

If you want to implement a new language binding for nanomsg, check this document describing best practices and offering helpful tips.